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Seattle's Original Coffee Crawl

“The coffee at each stop was amazing – so interesting and unique in it’s own way.” Melinrk

Caffeinated City Tour

“Everyone in the group commented afterwards about the high quality of the tour.” Laura B


What I like about Seattle is that people are so used to the rain that they still do stuff. They just go outside and get wet. – Augusten Burroughs

Hidden Gems

“Fun and informative, lots of interesting things we would never have known or would have walked right past” – TH

WELCOME TO SEATTLE BY FOOT…walking tours with sole!

The secret is out…Seattle is one of America’s premier travel destinations and there is nothing like experiencing a city by foot! This is the only way to really discover hidden gems and to meet locals along the way. We will explore Seattle’s history, side streets and culture while detouring boring rhetoric.


Seattle’s Original Coffee Crawl
SBF Coffee CrawlSeattle Walking Tours-Book Now

  • THURS-MON | 10AM | 2.5 HRS
  • $30 On-line | $35 *Walk-up
  • 6+ Samples
  • See what the buzz is about…

*Walk-ups are first come first serve | Please contact us to confirm there is space available

Explore some of Seattle’s instrumental coffee houses-from Seattle’s coffee pioneers to Seattle’s new and innovative. During our walk, you will experience each cafes unique coffee philosophy, history and impact on the Seattle coffee scene. We will sip and chat about the discovery of coffee, different ways to process beans, Direct Trade and Single Origin vs Blends. Compare different brewing techniques, roasts and some of the finest coffees Seattle has to offer.

City Pub Tour
seattle by foot- seattle walking tours pubSeattle Walking Tours-Book Now

  • Fri 5PM | SAT 4PM | 3HRS
  • $30 Online | $35 Walkup
  • Discover hidden watering holes
  • Tour Award Winning Brewery

*Walk-ups are first come first serve | Please contact us to confirm there is space available

During this 3 hour romp, we will some of our favorite pubs and watering holes in two downtown districts; The Pike Place Market and Belltown. We will visit one of the market’s locally loved pubs (with a killer view), tour an award winning microbrewery–it even has a museum that Seattle Magazine named “Best place to learn about beer.” Discover Seattle’s Beer Pioneers (maybe meet one or two), hear tales of prohibition and lack of inhibition.

Seattle Kids Tour
seattle by foot- seattle walking tours kidsSeattle Walking Tours-Book Now

  • Private Family Tours
  • Flexible scheduling
  • $100 per family (2 – 5 guests)
  • $150 per family (6-10 guests)

We’ll discover public art, water fountains and skyscrapers along the way to add excitement to the walk. The walk is very easy with only a 2-3 block stretch before stopping for more fun. Both kids and parents will enjoy this entertaining and educational walk.

Caffeinated City Tour

  • Private Tours Only
  • Flexible scheduling | 2.5 hours
  • $150.00 | 1-5 guests per tour guide
  • Perfect blend of coffee & city history and culture

On this “pick me up” walk, you and your personal guide will venture through tree-lined streets, art-filled side streets and must-see landmarks. You will explore Seattle’s historic districts, admire timeless towers and visit a secret waterfall. We will visit two cafes and will have a bite(or two) along the way.

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